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Crown Europe Technology as a professional water treatment filtration equipment enterprises, we focus on water treatment filtration system core components (filter) and filtration equipment technology research and development, production and sales. Formed specifically for the power generation industry, seawater desalination engineering, recycled water industry, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, electronic pharmaceutical industry and other fields to provide quality product equipment and technical services.

Crown Europe Technology has a sound production, management and after-sales service system, with professional production equipment, large-scale productive capacity and technical advantages. With many years of mature experience and unique technical advantages, long-term engaged in foreign well-known brands OEM processing, and help participate in domestic and foreign large-scale, ultra-large water treatment engineering applications, to provide professional and efficient solutions.

Crown Europe Science and technology in line with pioneering spirit, positive innovation concept, the introduction of advanced filtration and separation technology at home and abroad, research and development of a number of independent intellectual property rights, the first domestic "new equipment, new technology, new technology" production concept. Strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, so that its production of PP, GF, PES, PTFE and other microporous membrane folding filter Series and a variety of HFLarge Flow FilterWire Winding Filter, Water plant condensate filter element, large flow security filter core, large flowSecurity filterComplete sets of equipment and other products, sold at home and abroad, to provide customers around the world with professional solutions.

Today's Crown Europe is following the "collectivization, industrialization, specialization, internationalization" of the road to forge ahead, and continue to contribute to the cause of water treatment in China and the world.