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Large Flow Security Filter

Large Flow Security Filter

Product Details

BgttLarge Flow Security FilterIt has the characteristics of large flow rate and small footprint, which solves the problems of high input cost of traditional filter, long time of replacement filter, Operation trouble and so on.
Shell: 304, 316L, carbon steel
There are two types of vertical and horizontal options, respectively
Filters that install a 1-10-core 40-inch filter are usually vertical.
More than 1000 tons/hour flow of the medium and large system, you can choose the horizontal structure, with 60 inches of filter cartridge use, to meet the large flow of the same time, easier to replace the operation.
Cylindrical shell, 304 or 316L stainless steel; With single or multiple filter cartridges. Products are widely used in: electric power, reverse osmosis pre-stage, petrochemical, fine chemicals, food and beverage, automotive industry, metallurgy, paper, medicine, microelectronics, environmental protection water treatment and other industries.