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How much is a large flow filter?

How much is a large flow filter?

Product Details

GFMB SeriesLarge Flow Filteris the external pressure (from the outward) flow mode, the filter medium using polypropylene Melt spray material, the fibrous tissue is loose, the high voids increase the impurity tolerance, has the deep three-dimensional filtration effect belongs to the duplex deep interception, that is, the larger particle impurity is intercepted on the fiber surface, and the fine particles are caught in the deep part of the filter material, Therefore, the efficiency of the over Governor of the filter cartridge has the effect of gradient filtration. A wide range of chemical applications can be applied in a variety of fields.

6.5 inch filter outer diameter level (transverse) pleated form, with a very high filtration area and decontamination capacity, can be used for a variety of flow requirements, can greatly reduce the number of filter cartridges and reduce the size of the shell, 3 inches of filter diameter, a 40-inch length GFMB series of large flow filter effective filtration area of up to 11 square meters, Is the same size of ordinary pleated way of large flow filter filter area of 1.8 times times, equivalent to 20 ordinary security filter flow, so that the single filter cartridge high flow reached 110 tons/hour.


Technical parameters

O Diameter: 6.5"(165mm)

O Length: 20", 40", 60"(same size as 3M HF large flow filter mounting dimensions)

o Filter Material: glass, polypropylene pp

o Support Layer/diversion layer: Polypropylene

O End cover Material: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene

O Sealing RING Material: ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubber, etc.

o Filtration accuracy: 1μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 40μm, 70μm, 100μm

o Operating Temperature: 82 ℃

o Work pressure difference: 3.44bar,82℃

Recommended pressure difference for filter replacement: 2.4Bar,20℃

Recommended filter water flow: 20"Filter 660lpm,40" filter 1300lpm,60"filter: 1900LPM


Fields of Application

General purpose: Reverse osmosis system pre-filtration, security filtration, various process water purification treatment

General industry: A variety of process fluids, process water, condensate, cooling water, wastewater treatment, etc.

o Microelectronics industry: deionized water Pre-filtration

o Food and beverage industry: process Water, etc.

Chemical/Petrochemical Industry: All kinds of acids, alkalis, solvents, acute cold water, brine and other chemical agents

Power plant: Add water, condensate, stator cooling water, etc.


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