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Security filter Filter Manufacturers discussion on the development prospect of water treatment industry
- 2019-03-04-

At present, organic pollution and heavy metal pollution, replacing microbial pollution has become a hazard. The census found that water plants with surface water as water sources were not qualified, mainly because the total amount of organic compounds exceeded the standard. And the water plant with groundwater as the water source, many also appear fluorine, arsenic, iron, manganese and so on exceeded the standard. The total amount of organic compounds refers to the cod value in water determined by potassium permanganate as oxidant. Cod commonly known as chemical oxygen demand, indicating the amount of reductive substances in water (various organic compounds, nitrite, sulfide, etc.).

Development status of water treatment technology:

According to the specific situation of water quality, our treatment technology for water is also constantly improving. Circulating water system management industry mainly includes medium-energy-saving central air conditioning cooling circulating water treatment, frozen circulating water treatment, heating water treatment, central heating circulating water treatment, industrial cooling refrigeration cycle water treatment of several market segments of equipment production and sales. The integrated water resources management industry mainly includes sewage treatment, landscape water reuse treatment, rain flood utilization, comprehensive utilization of municipal sewage wastewater, general production of sewage wastewater comprehensive utilization of several market segments. Tap water supply and others are mainly made up of tap water supply and other water treatment industries. At present, a single treatment technology can not meet the requirements of the field of integrated water resources management, because the water quality of more impurities for different requirements need to have different solutions. Medically will be the right medicine, in the water quality of the problem is also the same reason.

Prospect and influencing factors of water treatment industry in China

Main influencing factors:

(a) The rigid demand under policy control is mainly manifested in the demand arising from policies such as encouraging the promotion of water pollution management, promoting the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction, paying attention to the recycling of water resources and solving drinking water problems in water-scarce areas. These needs will mainly promote the rapid development of the circulating water market, small and medium-sized industrial sewage treatment market.

We are a place where water is scarce, with a per capita water share of just 2300 cubic metres. We attach great importance to the protection and recycling of water resources, encourage the development of circular economy, support sustainable development, vigorously implement energy conservation and emission reduction, and attach importance to the development of green environmental protection industries, all of which involve the demand of saving water resources and increasing the degree of utilization.

(b) The inherent needs arising from economic development and the improvement of people's living standards are mainly manifested in the need for new water treatment, such as the upgrading of urban upgrading, community building and the construction of Park green space brought about by the upgrading of people's living environment requirements. This demand will mainly promote the development of rainwater, landscape water treatment and domestic sewage treatment market.

Water Treatment Industry Prospects:

Water is a precious resource for human survival and development. The seriousness and importance of the water problem has increasingly become the consensus of all sectors of society, water treatment is a global problem affecting everyone, the central and local government departments at all levels to refer to the important position of water, to save water, to speed up the control of water pollution, to promote the recycling and utilization of water, water treatment will become one of China's future development industry

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