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Polyether Sulfone Folding Filter

Polyether Sulfone Folding Filter

Product Details

APS Terminal Filtration Polyether sulfone filter----High-precision and high-security filter core, using GermanyPES Folding FilterAnd the United States filament fiber diversion layer made, before leaving the factory for each filter cartridge integrity bubble point test, to ensure that the percentage of the interception efficiency is achieved. Natural hydrophilic polyether sulfone material ensures high filtration flux for APS cartridges. Especially used in the pharmaceutical industry a variety of solvents, pharmaceutical filtration, Electronic industry ultra-pure water, distilled water terminal filtration, food and beverage industry pure water, beverages and alcohol


Material structure

o Filter Material: pes polyether sulfoxide

o Diversion Layer: Polypropylene

O Center rod/Housing/END cover: polypropylene

SEALING RING Material: Silicone rubber, EPDM, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, Teflon coated fluorine

o filter Outer diameter: 69mm

o Filter Length: 5 "/10"/20 "/30"/40 "

o Filtration accuracy: 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.6μm, 0.8μm

Working features

Øph range of Use: 1-14

o Positive pressure difference: 5.2bar@25℃

o Reverse pressure difference: 2.1bar@25℃

Heat resistance: 124℃30 minutes 150 times, 134℃30 minutes 100 times

O Biosecurity: endotoxin<>

o Integrity Test (bubble point) (25 ℃; water)

ø0.10 um≥0.40 MPa 0.22 um≥0.30 MPa 0.45 um≥0.20 MPa