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Large Flow line Winding filter Series

Large Flow line Winding filter Series

Product Details

Wire-wound filter with outstanding filtration function of the textile fiber yarn finely surrounded on the porous skeleton refined from.Wire Winding FilterYarn materials have polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, skimmed cotton fiber and so on. When surrounded by manipulating the surrounding tightness and dilute density of the yarn, a filter core with different precision can be made.

Product Features:

1. Gradient aperture structure, with good deep filtration effect, high precision, high retention rate

2. Can tolerate high pressure, small pressure drop, strong decontamination ability

3. Good chemical compatibility

4. Has very good filtration characteristics, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics

5. Wide selection of filtration materials and central rod materials to ensure superior performance

Fields of Application

1. Polypropylene Fiber wire Winding filter: Water, electroplating industry, acid and alkali, chemical solution and other non-surface solution, the use of temperature ≤60℃

2. Skimmed cotton wire winding filter: organic solvents, water, oil, alkaline solutions, beverages, medicine, etc., using temperature ≤120℃

3. Glass Fiber Wire winding filter: Organic chemical solution, strong acid/alkali/strongly oxidized solution, high temperature resistance up to 200 ℃.

Optional Range

1. Inner diameter 28mm-150mm

2. Outer diameter 50mm-200mm

2. Length 5"-70"

4. Accuracy 1μm-200μm