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Polypropylene Wire Winding Filter Series

Polypropylene Wire Winding Filter Series

Product Details

Wire Winding filter is a deep filter core, used for low viscosity, low miscellaneous quality filtration, is the use of textile fiber wire (polypropylene wire, skimmed cotton line, etc.), according to the specific process of precision winding in the porous skeleton (polypropylene or stainless steel) made,Wire Winding FilterWith the external sparse internal dense honeycomb structure, can effectively remove the suspended matter in the fluid, particles, rust and other debris, has a very good filtration characteristics.


1. High filtration accuracy, large flow, small pressure difference, high compressive strength, large amount of dirt, non-toxic tasteless, no two pollution.

2. High filtration accuracy, small pressure difference, large flow, large amount of sewage service life is long;

3. Filtration aperture in the small outside large, with outstanding deep filtration effect;

4. Filter cartridges are made from a variety of materials to ensure a variety of liquid filtration requirements, to achieve the best filtration effect.

Fields of Application

1. Polypropylene Fiber wire Winding filter: Water, electroplating industry, acid and alkali, chemical solution and other non-surface solution,

Use temperature ≤60℃

2. Skimmed cotton wire winding filter: organic solvents, water, oil, alkaline solutions, beverages, medicine, etc., using temperature ≤120℃

3. Glass Fiber Wire winding filter: Organic chemical solution, strong acid/alkali/strongly oxidized solution, high temperature resistance up to 200 ℃.

Optional Range

1. Inner diameter 28mm-150mm

2. Outer diameter 50mm-200mm

3. Length 5"-70"

4. Accuracy 1μm-200μm