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Skimmed Cotton wire Winding filter series

Skimmed Cotton wire Winding filter series

Product Details

Skimmed cottonWire Winding Filteris a deep filter core for low viscosity, low miscellaneous quality filtration. Skimmed cotton filter is selected by the Skim cotton thread (TZM) according to the specific density of precision winding on the porous stainless steel skeleton made, with an external sparse honeycomb structure, can effectively remove the fluid in the suspended matter, particles, rust and other debris, has a very good filtration characteristics.

Length: 10 ', 20 ', 30 ', 40 '

Core Outer diameter: 64mm±1mm skimmed cotton filter Inner diameter: 30mm 28mm±1mm

Accuracy: 0.5μm--100μm

Temperature: 120 ℃

Features: High temperature resistance, large flow rate, good filtration performance.


1. Food and beverage industry: pure water, mineral water, beverage water, alcohol, edible oil, etc.

2. Electronics industry: electroplating, circuit board, Organic solution, electronic pure water, etc.

3. Petrochemical industry: Chemical Products, inks, paints, coatings, cosmetics, oilfield water, etc.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: Syrup, alcohol, tetracycline, doxycycline liquid, injection needles, pharmaceutical detergent water and other industrial oils:

5. Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and other: Ultrasonic cleaning liquid, cooling circulating water, boiler water, photosensitive film emulsion and so on.